Why Not?

Wing Tsun Vacations is the perfect way to combine what you already love to do most with where you would most like to spend your time - exploring Texas and the United States.

The Wing Tsun Bed and Breakfast is a natural extension of Houston's Wing Tsun Backyard - the oldest (and only surviving) Wing Tsun school in Houston. It is run by Sihing Alex Wallenwein and his family to give visitors and travelers from Europe who want to combine their vacation time in the US with a Wing Tsun learning and training experience they will not soon forget.

This is Sihing Alex' home, where you will be staying. You can choose between a private room for singles or couples, or a shared sleeping area in the upstairs training room. Breakfast is included in the price. For coffee lovers, this is a special treat because the coffee he drinks will probably be the best you have ever tasted, short of maybe "Jamaican Blue."

There is a professional heavy bag, a three-compartment wall bag, and a wooden dummy on the porch for you to start your morning workout right after breakfast, if you like (if you look closely, you can see the top part of the dummy and the heavy bag in the picture above).