Wing Tsun for Women

Self Defense Seminars for Women Groups in Houston

'Wing Tsun for Women' is a special offer to women in the greater metropolitan area of Houston, Texas.

Wing Tsun is a system of Chinese Kung Fu. It was created by a women to help her defeat larger and stronger male attackers. It is so effective that (unfortunately) it ended up being practised and taught mostly by men around the world today. Students worldwide number in the hundreds of thousands.

The Wing Tsun legend of origin holds that the system was created by a female martial artist, the "fighting nun" named Ng Mui, about 300 years ago. Her first student was a young girl named "Yim Wing Tsun." Yim Wing Tsun later married another martial artist who often tried to defeat her in friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) matches but never succeeded.

It took him a while to get over his pride, but he finally had to concede that she was better and he began to learn this brand-new martial art from her. Since it had no name, he called this system the "Wing Tsun Kuen" in her honor ("kuen" means "fist" or "fist-fighting form").

Here is an impressive video of a young woman in Armenia. At the time this was recorded, she was only 15 years old. Take a look what she was able to do after only three years of instruction from her "Si-Fu" (Father-Teacher):

She truly is the modern-day "Yim Wing Tsun". You can see how she manages to avoid her male attacker's superior power by using her footwork to get behind him and her fast and flexible arms to neutralize his attacks while tying up his arms.

I once thought this girl was exceptional because of her young age, of course, but there is no reason why you should not be able to reach the same level of skill in a similarly short amount of time if you decide to take regular classes in wing tsun.

In fact, I have since learned that the same 'Sifu' (father-teacher in Chinese) has since cranked out another one just like her, and maybe even better - at the same young age! Take a look:

Wing Tsun truly has no limitations. Whatever you put in, you will get out - and more. This is a system everyone can learn. You don;t have to be an adrenalin monster to effectively defend yourself. If 15 year-olds can do it, you certainly can, too.

Here is more:

Our Seminars

In a group-seminar setting, women can learn to use wing tsun concepts and principles,combined with some practice of course, to effectively defeat stronger male attackers, even the most crazed and aggressive ones. Naturally, the setting will be different from what you see in the video. You will learn how to deal with tactics men might actually use in everyday situations.

The following is more like what you will learn in our seminars:

Women have one big advantage when it comes to self-defense: men who attack them don' usually want to fight with them. They mostly want to grab and control them, and that means their attackers have to try and get close to them. In our seminars, women learn to exploit this fact to the max.

Our Women Group Seminars can be taught on weekends or Mo., Wed., or Fri. evenings at any location of your choice, or at our school. They last for three hours, so come well-rested. All participants receive a certificate of completion, and the seminar organizer receives a free Bay Mountain Martial Arts student T-Shirt as a special thank you. The cost is $25.00 per participant. Organizers of groups of ten or more women participate for free.

Instructor Alex Wallenwein and wife Thuy-An in Vietnam in '09