Wing Tsun Classes

Schedule and Location

Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun classes are, first and foremost, loads of fun. We work hard, but the class atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Wing Tsun training is a literal two-hour vacation from stress, boredom, and everyday routines. If you don't drive home from class relaxed, excited, and energized, let us know. We will change that for you really fast.

Houston Southwest:

Vietnamese Community Center
7100 Clarewood St.
Houston, TX 77036

Class Times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Houston Central:

Sundays: 10 am to 12 pm (at Midtown Park, 2711 Travis, Houston TX 77002)

Private Lessons:

By appointment only.

Here is a sample video of a private lesson to a mid-level student from 2012:


We are affiliated with Bay Mountain Martial Arts Association (BMMA) under the leadership of Dai-Sifu Simon Mayer. Membership dues are $60.00 annually, payable by check or cash (or a one-time payment via PayPal) at the beginning of your first class.

Membership benefits include the right to participate in seminars with Sifu Simon Mayer and Dai-Sifu Martin Hoffman in the US, an organization 'passport' with all student testing and rank information, one (1) free Bay Mountain Martial Arts student T-shirt, and reduced (by 50%) prices for joining us in our 3-day long Annual Bay Mountain Family Wing Tsun Retreat!


Our training fees are $115.50 per month. You may visit up to three 2-hour classes per week for that amount. Please check our class schedule at the top of this page for class days and times. The $60.00 annual membership fee in Bay Mountain Martial Arts Association is due on your first day of class. You may pay the annual membership by cash or check, or via Paypal to:


(Automatic Billing is required for all active students):

You did it! Welcome to Houston's Backyard Wing Tsun Kung Fu!