Teaching Wing Tsun

Teaching Wing Tsun is the natural consequence of learning and practicing Wing Tsun.

There is no requirement or obligation to become an actual certified instructor when you join our school. That decision is yours and yours alone, but as you advance through the ranks and new students start under you, you will naturally have many, many opportunities to teach them what they need to know along the way.

Teaching Means Learning Faster

As their older Kung Fu brother/sister (“Si-Hing”, or “Si-Je” in Cantonese), they will naturally look up to you. As a result, you will have many opportunities to help them understand and master the student-grade material they are working on.

You will realize very quickly that teaching your younger Kung Fu brothers and sister tremendously speeds up your own learning and deepens your own understanding of the timeless principles Wing Tsun is founded on. That alone is a huge benefit to you - and an equal benefit to them.

In the process, you both strengthen the family ties that are such an integral part of our training and the adventure that we are all living as we learn, practice, and teach Wing Tsun together.

Teaching Wing Tsun for Real

Of course, if you want to become an actual instructor and dream of one day soon opening your own school, that option is completely open to you.

Every student who passes the 9th Student Grade test automatically becomes an official assistant instructor who is eligible to start his own Wing Tsun Working Group under the supervision and continued tutelage of his Si-Fu, if he so chooses.

Ask your Si-Fu about the details involved in this. We are a family and we are building Wing Tsun in Houston together! If this is your desire, you will have all the support and know-how you need.


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