Learning Wing Tsun

It's an Adventure!

Learning Wing Tsun is, first of all, an adventure.

You do things you normally wouldn’t do. You are stepping out into the unknown by exploring something you have never thought of or done before.

There is a certain amount of risk involved in doing this, and that makes it both exciting and challenging. That is also what makes it intrinsically rewarding – because you are actually learning something that works and that allows you to protect yourself and others for the rest of your life.

It’s A Science

Wing Tsun is not really a “style” of martial art. It’s a mode of inquiry into principles that govern all hand-to-hand combat, just like science is a mode of inquiry into natural laws. It follows the same pattern of “observation > hypothesis > testing > conclusion” – and, if necessary, re-testing and re-examining the hypotheses to come to a more valid conclusion.

It’s an Art

Wing Tsun is also an art, because once you have trained a principle/concept long enough, it becomes a part of you - and from then on using it becomes a form of free self-expression. You decide what you use, when, and how, the same way a painter decides what motifs to paint and what colors or techniques to use, and the same way a composer decides what notes to use and in what intervals to use them in order to express the feeling he wants to convey.

It’s YOU

In the end, Wing Tsun is not “something you do”. It becomes you and you become it. There is no longer a difference between “you” and “what you do”. It is all one and the same. You become free. Free from all preconceived patterns or “techniques.” You are what you do and you do what you are.

How We Get You There

To use the old biblical adage, we don’t give you “a fish”. We teach you how to fish for yourself. We don’t bind you to names, techniques, movements, masters, or school/organization names. We teach you how to stand on your own.

We teach you how to form your own understanding of what Wing Tsun really is and how to make it work for you. That process takes time, of course, and it follows a certain proven formula, but the point of this formula is to set you free, not to bind you to something called “Wing Tsun” for the rest of your life.

In other words: Wing Tsun is not a prison. It’s a master key. You can use that key to think your way out of any mental or conceptual box you may ever find (or put) yourself in during your lifetime - even in matters not related to fighting or self defense …

… for that is the Way of Wing Tsun!


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Beginning Wing Tsun Training

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