Kids Self Defense

Happy + Informed + Confident = SAFE

Kids Self Defense gives Houston's children from 6 years of age and older the ability to recognize and confidently handle sticky situations and to avoid becoming victims of mental, emotional, or physical violence.

Here at Houston Wing Tsun, your child(ren) will learn to:

  • Immediately recognize and accurately assess potentially dangerous situations;
  • Respond appropriately and with confidence;
  • Respect their elders, peers, and juniors - and most of all, themselves;
  • Assert themselves or de-escalate, as needed;
  • Successfully defend themselves when there is no other way.

Come and watch one of our classes without any obligation.

(At this time, we are building our Kids student numbers. Regular Kids Self Defense Classes will start before January 1, 2019. Give us a call at (832) 452-9966 and ask to speak to Sifu Alex Wallenwein to get additional information.)


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