Houston Womens Self Defense

Be a would-be attacker's worst nightmare!

You can't beat 300 years of experience in Womens Self Defense.

Wing Tsun was created by a woman in late 16th century China to help her defeat larger and stronger male attackers. Her first student was a young girl, Yim Wing Tsun, in whose honor the system was later named.

With Wing Tsun, you can:

- Effectively neutralize any attacker in seconds
- Turn your body into a fighting machine on autopilot
- Stay in control in even the most dangerous situations

You can tap into this wealth of practical self defense knowledge right now by joining our weekly womens classes. Once you have joined, you can even participate in our mixed classes for free!

Womens Self Defense Videos

Here is an impressive video of a young woman in Armenia. At the time this was recorded, she was only 15 years old. Take a look what she was able to do after only three years of instruction:

Another female exponent of this fantastic art:

The following is a good example of what you will learn in our womens self defense classes:


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