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Some of the testimonials below are from our students, and some are from people who had never even set foot in our school at the time they wrote to us:

    From: Alex Wallenwein [mailto:awallenwein@gmail.com] Sent: 08 December, 2013 3:02 AM To: (Redacted) Subject: WT - Two Questions

    1. What made you choose Wing Tsun/Wing Chun as your current martial art/self defense system?

    2. Why did you choose to learn it here?

    When I first came across WC in 1979 in Atlanta, I didn’t know anything about it. I learned over time that Bruce Lee had studied it and that was certainly cool. But what impressed me was the efficiency of it as it related to physics, which I was studying at the time. As an engineering student at the time it made all the sense in the world, and nothing else seemed close. The idea of chi (qi) energy was new at the time and it was instrumental in me developing awareness of the duality of existence, where man is part physical and part spiritual. I never got to learn the deeper aspects of WC, probably because I wasn’t around it long enough, but also because my Sifu didn’t speak English very well, and although he may have had a systematic approach to teaching it, it seemed fragmented to me. He also diversified the school into Escrima and Mui Thai, which although interesting and powerful and certainly complementary, it made learning the WC system even harder because our limited time was spread out more. There was also not much focus on sparring.

    Since I have travelled in my work career, I have attempted to find WC schools in places I have been including Los Angles (Hawkings Cheng) and Houston 10 years ago (Victor Wong). I was not in L.A. long enough to get very far, and in Houston 10 years ago, I just didn’t feel that they had the authentic juice I had originally felt in Atlanta. There was a feeling of ‘not quite right’. I continued to do my first 2 forms over the years because there was always the feeling that I might be able to learn more and also pass on some of the teachings to the kids in the neighborhood where I lived for a long time in Knoxville, TN, where there is no WC or WT.

    When I first came across WT in Houston nearly 2 years ago, I had never heard of it, and I had a preconceived doubt about its authenticity especially after reading some negative stuff about Leung Ting on the internet. Why would anybody change the spelling? The energy was great, however, and after my lifelong journey, I have come to trust that as the best indicator, so I signed up.

    What a great move that was! I have since deepened my understanding of the whole idea of the lineage. If there is one exclusive keeper of the secrets, I’m a long way off from that ever becoming a factor. Now, in this day and age of the internet I have been able to see other schools’ and Sifus’ promotions. I have realized that any one lineage probably has some good stuff, but certainly some Sifus have gone farther than others in the traditional lineage.

    I know that Bruce Lee was down on the traditional approach, but I have found the JKD practitioners to be a mix of a bunch of stuff that all comes from many styles, and I have wondered how anyone can ever get to the point where they can train with no system. As much as traditional WC training available in the US is all over the map, JKD seems even more so. As a hobbyist musician I have seen only a very few great musicians that are self-taught and untrained with no initial style (guys like Jimmy Hendrix). Everybody else started in one style and then added to that. So it makes sense to learn the most efficient system to the maximum extent. The problem still exists that it’s hard to learn it from a Chinese Sifu that teaches all over the map. The German system of WT solves that problem with their ‘programs’.

    At first I was put off somewhat by the emphasis on sparring when we were still learning Siu Nim Tao. WC made more sense to learn the system, Chum Kiu and Chi Sao before going at it Cro-Magnon. But there was no denying that the way WC teachings are available, one never seems to get to sparring. So, emptying my cup once again, I began to realize the virtue in the sparring focus, which is less of a focus than is talked about, but provides a much needed balance. Again, all the best stuff.

    My only concern is that it may take so long to get anywhere near good, especially when observing Sifus Alex and Simon, and I do not have the same recovery and energy that I did. But again on that front, I have felt and continue to feel that one of the best health benefits one can have is to have the intense flow of chi (qi) energy flowing through oneself, especially doing chi sao. My challenge is to stay healthy and not get hurt. I know some older folks that develop injuries from training like they are 20 when they are in their 50s. So far I have been doing okay, and I continue to look forward to continuing.

    As a summary, the WT system as it is taught in Houston has been everything it has said it would be and much more as the layers reveal themselves. I would give it 5 stars, plus.

    -Gene (age 55 and cancer survivor)

    Si-Fu Alex,

    Thank you for the class. I have to say I have never been as impressed with the philosophy and mindset of a martial art as I was tonight. It felt like I was being taught super powers or the mysteries of the universe. I am stoked about coming to class Friday.

    Jay Stang

    Hello Mr. Wallenwein

    We have not met before but I have looked over your website at least 2 dozen times in the past 6 months. I am very interested in joining your school. I have developed a love for Wing Tsun and its direct and scientific approach to self defense, though i have not been formally trained in this art, I have been through several techniques with a JKD practitioner and loved it. I have done some boxing, wrestling, and a little bit of kickboxing though not masterful with any> I feel I catch on and grasp techniques quickly. My goal is to become a Wing Tsun instructor and devote my life to this as you have, and I wish to start the process with you as my guide. I do have a little bit of weight to lose but I don't see that being an issue as it will come off in sessions and at home. I am a dedicated individual and will be pursuing this as my life goal I hope you see it fit to talk to me about the process of being part of your fast track program. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you will write back.

    Phillip White, Houston, TX


    Hey Alex!

    Just got your Facebook message and friend request! Thank you so much for showing that you listen and care what people say! You already in my eyes show that you are a great and outstanding Instructor. I am currently in the Army and I am station at Fort Benning GA. I ETS in about 6 months and I will be moving back to my home town Houston. In the past when I was younger I took a few basic courses on martial arts. Now over the years I have not put them to work and have been trained up on what the Army wanted me to use. With that being said When I came across the martial arts Wing Chun I was amazed on how it was performed and I instantly fell in love with it. I remember awhile back I came across your website and it said Wing Tsun. I was not sure it was the same so I just kept on looking around for other dojos. Well whats funny about 2 months ago I came home to Houston for a little vacation time to see friends and family and me and couple of my buddies were at this bar somewhere in down town. We met this nice couple that played Bing Bags with or some people call it Corn Hole. Well anyways after playing a game with them we came to talking about martial arts and the woman asked me what martial arts I would like to get into. I responded by telling her I really want to get into Wing Chun. Her eyes lit up so huge and with such enthusiasm she said "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO STUDY AT THE HOUSTON BACKYARD DOJO OF WING TSUN!!!". When she said that I thought back to when I came across your website and said "Really?! Why Wing Tsun? Is it better than Wing Chun dojos?" She went on and on and on about how great of a instructor you are and how that you are the best of the best in Houston! Well after she talked about you and your dojo for at least a hour and half I was basically sold. I became even more sold when I came back to GA and read more about your ways of teaching and saw videos of you and how you instructed. I have to say I was very impress Alex. I was so impress that I have motivated a couple of my friends to join me in to becoming students at your dojo. I told them that I am serious about this and they know me that when I get serious about something I go Gun-HO all the way with it. Hahaha. Well Alex I look forward to speaking with you more and I can not wait to get back to Houston and meet you in person. Thank you so much for you time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    John Taylor Fudickar

    P.S. Friends call me Taylor


    Greetings, Sifu Wallenwein! My name is Kenneth Glass, and I have always wanted to learn Wing Tsun. I will be 50 years old on July 3rd. and am really regretting not learning, or at least experiencing Wing Tsun! I have read about Wing Tsun since about 1979 while I was still in HS. I bought Leung Ting's Wing Tsun Kuen sometime in the early '80's. School, then work, then family got to be my full time life, and the only thing I regret in life is not traveling to get instruction! I even wrote to you back in early 2000 something! I live in North Louisiana , and there are not any Wing Chun/Tsun schools, or teachers that I know about. Well, kids are grown, house is paid for, and I work offshore for an Oil & Gas Company--14 days at work, and 14 days at home. I would like to know if you have any students close to me, or I could drive to Houston! I have read about Phil Bradley's Distance Learning program, and if I learn from his program, then go to Houston and get you to correct any mistakes, then maybe I could do real Wing Tsun. I realize that I may be too old to learn the complete system, but this is the least of my worries. I just want to learn what I can of Wing Tsun, before I die! Thanks for reading my rant, and I will be looking diligently for a school that I can travel to.


    Kenneth P. Glass
    Winnsboro, La.


    I wish I found this school earlier. The quality of instruction is outstanding. Instructor is very detail oriented and really motivate to see succeed. In this school, How much and how fast you learn is depend on how much you can absorb the material covered. The best value martial art school in town.

    Wiedy Gunawan – August 19, 2011


    I only attended one class, and have/had to skip the following two weeks due to some a business isues. I intend to return ASAP, From just one hours time in his class; I can say Sifu Alex Wallenwein; is a very fine teacher, with great knowledge to share. He teaches with conviction and passion for his thr art; but with the patience of a real and true teacher. I am 44 years old (soon to be 45) and merely wanted to get back into shape learjing a fascinating and usefull set of skills and art,

    Albert Einstein once said: “The hardest task it to be a teacher. Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.”

    Greg LaLiberte
    Baytwon, TX


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