In Houston, Wing Tsun is Irresistible ...

... because no one can stop your movements when you learn it our way, and you wont be able to stop yourself from training because it's just so much fun and it works so well.


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Why Wing Tsun?
Why Wing Tsun? Why not MMA or some other martial arts? Why here, at the Wing Tsun Backyard?
Sifu Alex Wallenwein
Sifu Alex Wallenwein's instructor bio. Over 30 years of Wing Tsun teaching experience.
Is Wing Tsun for You?
'Is Wng Tsun for You?' is a question everyone should ask themselves.
Wing Tsun Classes
Irresistible Wing Tsun: Class Times & Location.
Learning Wing Tsun
What does 'learning Wing Tsun' really mean?
Practicing Wing Tsun
Practicing Wing Tsun the wrong way has the opposite effect. Here is how to do it the right way:
Teaching Wing Tsun
Teaching Wing Tsun is a natural extension of your training - so why not do it professionally?
Houston Womens Self Defense
30 years of experience in Womens Self Defense
Wooden Dummy Training at Backyard Wing Tsun
Wooden dummy training starts early at Backyard Wing Tsun.
Backyard Wing Tsun Curriculum
A short description of the training curriculum at Houston's Backyard Wing Tsun Kung Fu.
Wing Tsun Seminars with Sifu Simon Mayer
Wing Tsun Seminars with Sifu Simon Mayer happen four times a year at Houston's Wing Tsun Backyard.
Houston WingTsun - Testimonials
What our students are saying about Houston Wing Tsun.
Backyard Wing Tsun Site Blog
Stay up to date with changes to our website. Just click 'subscribe', and you will.
Resource Pages for Backyard Wing Tsun Students
'Martial Arts Houston' is a free local directory that provides an overview of the martial arts scene in Houston, Texas.
Wing Tsun Equipment
WIng Tsun equipment page for Houston's 'Backyard' Wing Tsun Kung Fu.
Sifu Alex Seminars - Wing Tsun & Sparring
Sifu Alex Seminars happen twice a year in Houston, Texas. Make sure you don't miss the next one!
Kickboxing & Fitness Classes
Houston Kickboxing Classes & FItness Training at Houston Wing Tsun - Southwest