"Teaching the average guy how to fight
better than the average guy."

Learn Personal defense, self-confidence, body mechanics, explosiveness, all-around fitness, and how to control opponents using their own force against them - through Wing Tsun Kung Fu!

Wing Tsun is:

  • A purely concept-oriented, ultramodern 300+ year-old fighting system;
  • Based on concepts that govern all hand-to-hand combat;
  • Great for your own well-being - but a nightmare for any would-be attacker!

Come give us a chance to show you that you can do something you never thought you were capable of.

1608 Cullen Blvd., Houston, Texas 77023
PHONE: (832) 452-9966
EMAIL: awallenwein@gmail.com

It's Your Body. It's Your Mind. It's Your Wing Tsun!

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Why Wing Tsun?
Why Wing Tsun? Why not MMA or some other martial arts? Why here, at the Wing Tsun Backyard?
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Teaching Wing Tsun
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Backyard Wing Tsun Curriculum
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Wing Tsun Seminars with Sifu Simon Mayer
Wing Tsun Seminars with Sifu Simon Mayer happen four times a year at Houston's Wing Tsun Backyard.
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Backyard Wing Tsun Site Blog
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Resource Pages for Backyard Wing Tsun Students
'Martial Arts Houston' is a free local directory that provides an overview of the martial arts scene in Houston, Texas.
Wing Tsun Equipment
WIng Tsun equipment page for Houston's 'Backyard' Wing Tsun Kung Fu.
Wing Tsun Lat Sao: Simple is Better
In Wing Tsun Lat Sao training, simple is indeed better. Needless complexity defeats the purpose.