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Wing Tsun is applied philosophy in action. Its movements and the timeless principles underlying them are as applicable in the harsh reality of life-and-death hand to hand combat as they are in ordinary day-to-day life. Nevertheless, when you practice Wing Tsun, you soon realize that there is nothing “ordinary” about life anymore. Consistent training lets you discover and build the fundamental power that’s hidden inside you and find new meaning in life - and in all it has to offer.

Benefits of learning Wing Tsun:

  • A faster, stronger, healthier, more flexible body;
  • A sharper, more focused, relaxed and aware mind that is in sync with you and your surroundings;
  • A more powerful mind-body connection, forged into a literal 'force of one';
  • A happier, more confident, more outgoing and at-ease 'You'!
  • Way more fun in life than you ever believed possible.

Teaching Method

Houston's Backyard Wing Tsun Kung Fu teaches the ins and outs of this intriguing combat system through a practical, step-by-step curriculum that builds concept upon concept, movement on movement, skill upon skill. It enables men and women to turn their minds and bodies into literal 'fighting machines on autopilot' when attacked. Yet, Wing Tsun is far more than just self-defense. Practicing it produces a new, more aware, fitter and more confident you. In the end, Wing Tsun becomes a profound, more satisfying way of life for all who end up getting 'hooked' on it.


The Goal of Wing Tsun Training

The name "wing tsun" means "eternal springtime" or "forever growing". That means if you train Wing Tsun, you will never stop growing and developing as a fighter as well as an individual. From the technical angle alone, it is impossible to 'top out' in your training. The more you learn and understand, the more you realize that there is still more to learn and understand. It's a never-ending process of self-discovery and improvement. 'Wing Tsun' is more than just a pretty name; it's an apt description of what really happens to all who practice it.

In a nutshell, the training teaches you to preempt and dissolve all possible empty-hand attacks from another human at their very inception.

As you continue to practice this incredible art, you begin to recognize that the exact same principles and concepts you are learning in self defense apply to all human interactions - and therefore to almost all of life's major challenges. Wing Tsun training allows you to analyze these challenges correctly and teaches you the most effective means to nip the problem in the bud!

The Wing Tsun curriculum teaches you to defend yourself against hand, leg, knee, elbow, grappling, throwing, and ground-fighting attacks, in both light to medium AND full-contact mode. It's how Wing Tsun was designed to be taught. Why teach it any other way?

I have been teaching Wing Tsun in Houston since 1988. At Houston's Backyard Wing Tsun, I teach ordinary people with ordinary abilities to survive sudden, vicious, and potentially deadly attacks. In the process, they learn to get far more out of life than they expected.

If that seems like a contradiction to you, it is - and yet it's not.

To prepare to overcome deadly attacks, you must first get to know yourself: your mind, your body, and how they interact with each other.

In the process of discovering that, you learn to interact with an incoming, hostile force - like the force of an actual attacker taking a sudden swing at you or trying to tackle you.

The goal is to train your mind and body not to 'resist', but to literally complement the attacker's movements in a way that leaves him unable to keep going - and you able to keep living!

In route to this goal, you discover things about your own body, your mind, your strengths, your weaknesses, how to turn your weaknesses into strengths - and how to turn your attacker's strength into his weakness! That is what ultimately improves the quality of your life, and it does it in ways you could never imagine from where you are now.

Houston's Backyard Wing Tsun is focused on teaching exactly that.

What is 'Wing Tsun' then? Wing Tsun is a way to learn how to move according to how your attacker actually moves - not according to how you think he "might" move. (If you have ever fought, you know that such "thinking" is usually wrong and can have disastrous consequences!) It's a way to discover his true intention and to short-circuit his attacks at the outset, long before he gets to complete them.

In self defense, the first moment of contact with an attacker must decide the outcome in your favor, or it's just no good. We help you develop that 'flash of the moment' power through a systematic teaching method. Every aspect of training is geared toward you progressing to that goal.

It's Your Body. It's Your Mind!

When moving through the early stages of wing tsun training, probably for the first time in your life you will become fully aware of your body and feel every part of it and its effect on your mental and emotional state.

After a relatively short time, you'll begin to feel relaxed, at ease, excited, alive, and intensely aware of yourself and your surroundings.

As you continue your training, your body grows stronger, leaner, more flexible, and more balanced. You naturally start to breathe deeper, and more oxygen goes into your system,

You learn how to practice these new movements while staying totally relaxed and ready, even while in close physical contact with your workout partners.

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In later stages of your training (i.e., within weeks and months - not years and decades!) your arms and legs become extensions of your body's sensory apparatus. You learn to instinctively contact an attacker’s incoming arms and legs with yours, literally forcing him to 'tell' you exactly what he is trying to do, to what part of your body, in which direction he is moving, how fast, and with how much power and follow-through.

If his attacks threaten your 'core' (the major targets along your body’s vertical axis), your arms naturally and automatically form flexible barriers to the attacks, moving your body into a safe position while your unoccupied limbs freely strike the unprotected parts of his body, counter-attacking him with complete relaxation, vicious speed, and deadly ferocity, all while running virtually on auto-pilot.

This leaves your mind free to perceive everything your attacker does and everything in your periphery that could become a potential threat to you.

At the Houston Wing Tsun Backyard, on the way to learning to fight this way, you discover how your body was designed to move, to breathe, and to rest. You practice to almost 'accept' close physical and even dangerous, potentially life-threatening encounters with a relaxed and carefree, almost happy come what may attitude.

As a result of this practice, your body and mind become ever closer intertwined until, in the end, they become quite literally one.

During this training process, you learn to move only when necessary, with the exact speed, power, and intensity required by the situation at hand, without losing your cool or composure. As a result, you mentally 'open up' to the people you are working out with because you know they are on the same path as you, have the same challenges as you, and are really only trying to be a better 'they', just as you are learning to become a better you.

In the end, you discover that what you are learning and have been learning and training all along is a form of applied philosophy in action, a way of living, responding, and interacting with reality that translates easily into every aspect of the rest of your life, making it happier, fuller, more exciting, more challenging, and far more satisfying and enjoyable than you ever could have imagined.

What in the beginning was a limited two-hour 'vacation' from the sameness, the lameness, and the stress of everyday life becomes a lifetime pursuit of happiness and personal power, a new way of living.

It is how human beings were supposed to live from the beginning.

I hope you'll come and visit us soon to see what it's like.

All the Best,

Alex Wallenwein

It's the Way of Wing Tsun

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