Why 'Bay Mountain' Wing Tsun?

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Because there is more.

There is more to living fully than anyone has ever taught you.

There is more to martial arts in general than anyone has ever shown you.

There is more to Wing Tsun, specifically, than any other Wing Tsun Family has ever let on.

And there is more to working, training, laughing, and growing together than you have ever thought possible.

At our Houston branch of Bay Mountain Wing Tsun, we deliver all of these.

"Bay Mountain", our Wing Tsun Family's very name, is composed of two trigrams that, together, mean "relationship" - and that's what we are all about!

Technically, our Wing Tsun is the most complete, delivered via the best curriculum and teaching process you will find anywhere in the US.

But there is more.

If the relationship between teacher and student is broken or in any way deficient, the most essential part of the learning/teaching process cannot take place.

The same thing is true when two students work out together.

It is the desire to help each other get better - and the trust that one needs to have in the other that the other has the same goal - that makes the difference in Bay Mountain Wing Tsun.

For us, it is our reason for being. It is who we are. It is what ww do - and we invite you to come and join us in this incredible adventure.

Here at Houston Wing Tsun, our motto is:

"Whatever it takes, in the most effective way,
according to what actually happens"
(whether in defending your life - or in living it)

Shed your fatigue and boredom, and step into our world of adventure, passion, laser-sharp awareness, and explosive power!

Wing Tsun is:

  • A 300 year-old, but ultramodern martial art;
  • Purely concept-oriented;
  • Great for you - but a nightmare for any would-be attacker!

Let us show you that you can do what you never thought you were capable of.

Our class location and schedule:

7100 Clarewood St., Houston, Texas 77036 (59-South and Bellaire)

CALL NOW: (832) 452-9966


Wing Tsun is not a style. It is an art designed to free you from all preconceived notions about "fighting", "combat", and "self-defense."

In the process, you gain confidence, balance, power, and a heightened sense of your mind, body, and surroundings. The end product is a brand new you.

While other schools teach endless repetitions of unrealistic drills that never happen in real situations, we focus on the principles that underlie all hand-to-hand combat while enabling you to react to physical threats as if your body was on "autopilot".


One example of that is what we call "street punk chi sau". It's a more real-life oriented adaptation of the usual "Poon Sau" drill in Wing Tsun:

Wing Tsun is indeed an art, but it is primarily a MARTIAL art. Just like a painter doesn't simply copy his master's brush strokes, but adopts, adapts and discards to develop his own art, you as a student will learn to adopt, adapt, or even discard some of the movements we teach to build your very own Wing Tsun.

But Wing Tsun is not only a martial art, it is also a science. It is best seen as a mode of inquiry into fighting situations and principles. To stay real and applicable, it has to remain subject to testing and re-testing at all times so that it can grow.

Otherwise, it dies.

Eternal Springtime

That is the reason Wing Tsun was given its name. The name means "eternal springtime" or "forever growing". If you try to cast it in stone or seal it in plexiglass, it may still look pretty, but it also dies. Then, to stay truthful, you would have to change its name into "forever dead."

Here at Houston Wing Tsun, we keep this tradition of consistent testing and re-testing alive. Strangely, in the process, we often discover that we don't really have to change our Wing Tsun at all. Instead, we usually find that we are simply exploring all of its existing possibilities to the max. How refreshing and reassuring to realize that Wing Tsun is already flexible enough to accommodate that process - just like water.

So, forgive us for paraphrasing the late great Bruce Lee, who famously said "be water, my friend":

It's Your Body. It's Your Mind. It's Your Wing Tsun!


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