HOUSTON WING TSUN CENTRAL - Martial Arts, Self Defense

"Whatever it takes, in the best way possible
- according to what actually happens."

Learn self defense, self-confidence, body mechanics, explosiveness, all-around fitness, and how to control opponents using their own force against them - through Wing Tsun Kung Fu!

Wing Tsun is:

  • A purely concept-oriented, ultramodern 300+ year-old martial art;
  • Based on concepts that govern all hand-to-hand combat and self-defense situations;
  • Great for your own well-being - but a nightmare for any would-be attacker!

Give us a chance to show you that you can do something you never thought you were capable of.

1608 Cullen Blvd., Houston, Texas 77023
PHONE: (832) 452-9966
EMAIL: awallenwein@gmail.com

Wing Tsun is really nothing more than a set of OPTIONS that other martial arts don't usually offer. You can choose to use or not use any of them in whatever fighting practice you are pursuing now. It's totally up to you.

Here at Houston Wing Tsun Central, we want our students to learn quickly, but also thoroughly. One great example is Jardin in the video below, who has mastered a fairly involved variable flow drill of attacks and counters in only six months!

While other schools adhere to endless repetitions of rather unrealistic training drills that never happen in real situations, we use the same principles, but teach to apply them right away under conditions that are actually very likely to occur in a self defense situation - especially for women.


One example of that is what we call "street punk chi sau", an adaptation of the usual "poon sau" drill in Wing Tsun:

Wing Tsun is not a "style" of Kung Fu. It is an art, but it is primarily a MARTIAL art. A painter doesn't copy his master's brush strokes or his paintings. He adopts, adapts and discards to develop his own. Our goal here at the Houston Wing Tsun Central is to get you, the student, to do this as early as possible without undermining the learning process.

But Wing Tsun is not only an art, it is also a science. It is best seen as a mode of inquiry into fighting situations and principles. To stay real and applicable, it has to remain subject to testing and re-testing at all times, so it can grow.

Otherwise, it dies.

That is the reason Wing Tsun was given its name. The name means "eternal springtime" or "forever growing". If you try to cast it in stone or seal it in plexiglass, it may still look pretty, but it also dies. Then, to stay truthful, you would have to change its name into "forever dead."

Here at Houston Wing Tsun Central, we keep this endless process of testing and re-testing alive. Strangely, in the process, we often discover that we don't really have to change Wing Tsun at all. Instead, we usually find that we are simply exploring all of its existing possibilities to the max. "Wing Tsun" is already flexible enough to accommodate that process - just like water.

So, forgive me for paraphrasing the late great Bruce Lee, who famously said "be water, my friend":

It's Your Body. It's Your Mind. It's Your Wing Tsun!

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